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“God knows”

“So Sarah laughed to herself…” (Genesis 18:12a)

A child always thinks he or she can get away with things. If they can somehow hide the markers, Mom or Dad won’t really notice the writing on the wall; maybe if I am strong enough to move the chest of drawers just about a foot to the left, they will never know what’s on the wall behind it! As teenagers, if we can get the parents to talk about something else – maybe – just maybe – they will never get around to asking me about my latest report card! Or, maybe by being extra good and attentive and helpful around the house – they won’t notice the dent in the back fender of the car.

I am convinced that my parents, at least, somehow really did “have eyes in the backs of their heads.” How they knew my brother and my every move – and sometimes even before we had made the move – well, it was beyond me!

Believe it or not, God has always been that way. When Jesus talked with the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4), the Lord asked her to call out to her husband. When she admitted that at the moment she did not have a husband, Jesus agreed because He knew that she had had five husbands! Certainly she must have wondered, “How did He know such a thing?” Being omniscient and omnipresent, God must also-like our parents-have “eyes in the back of His holy head!” You can’t get anything past God!

In Genesis 18, God comes to Abraham with two angels and announces that Abraham and Sarah will have a child, even though they were very old. In verse 12, Sarah, who is eavesdropping, “laughs to herself” about the fact that it did sound a little silly that she would have a baby at such a ripe, old age! She laughed to herself. It was probably meant for only her ears to hear. It probably wasn’t meant to spite God’s words or doubt His intentions, but nonetheless, God heard her little chuckle. She probably didn’t mean for God to hear!

God hears. He sees. He knows. He knows the intent of our hearts long before we may even know ourselves. And – even when our intent isn’t always for the best, He is willing to go with us, love us, and lead us through even our worst of mistakes. It’s all about love. It’s about love of God, and of all neighbors – no matter who they may be!

And remember, God does love you, no matter what – and, so do we!

Pastor Jim

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