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Do not be afraid…

“…Do not be afraid, little flock…” (Luke 12:32)

Today, people seem to be looking away from God and not toward Him. At least, to me it appears to be that way. I would love to know that I have an incorrect assumption about this view of the world turning toward other inspirations other than the Almighty. Such a thought is quite the challenge to our idea of God and His relationship with His children of the world.

I think part of why people have become disillusioned about God is that their theology is all wrong. Somehow, somewhere, humanity has been given the idea that God works for us. Somehow-and-at some time in the history of the world, people have grown to believe that God responds to our works and then often rewards us. So, when people are not rewarded as they feel they should, they become frustrated and cynical; they are disappointed because their homemade faith has failed them.

God’s grace is not built or measured in any form of quantity or physical sense at all: it’s not about what we have amassed or gained in our lives.

God’s grace comes alive and gives this sought-out pleasure in this life a place to dwell. When we put aside all our belongings and prejudices and everything else that tends to weigh us down in respect to our relationship with God, only then do we begin to see with clear eyes what is the truth of the matter. The physical of this life was meant to be shared among all. No one owns anything; all belongs to, and comes from, the Lord.

Jesus is teaching in the 12th chapter of Luke about a deep trust in God that allows us to give of ourselves to the world, i.e., to others. This trust causes us to recognize true love and respect which has nothing to do with wealth and prestige of any type. In essence, we see God’s work, (the cross and the tomb) and respond to it by serving all.

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also,” Jesus says this Sunday. What is it that we treasure the most? The temptation is to put our trust in “things” – material things – jobs, money, popularity, and prestige. God is not a “thing” to be handled, traded, or purchased; God is to be loved as we have first been loved by Him. And the best way to show our love of God-is what? To share what we have in very loving and respectful ways!

Trust in the Lord always, He never steers us wrong. Put your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ who died for our sins, was raised from the dead, and sits at the right hand of God to complete the great circle of life and grace that begins and ends with God! His work is to love you; our task is to respond with the gifts He first gave us.

When someone ridicules God for not “following His promises,” remind them that we work for God and not the other way around. It is privilege to live on this planet; it’s a privilege to have the opportunities to serve our fellowship of humanity.

And remember-no matter what: God loves you and so do we!

Pastor Jim

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