“We believe that prayer is the relationship key that our Lord gave to us so that we can have two-way communication with our God. We believe that our lives and our congregation and the world are transformed through prayer.”

As of March 27, 2017

MEMBERS: Mike Kirkland, knee replacement surgery on April 5; Trudy Blackmer; Kasey Sorenson; Margaret Allown; Barbara Gish; Mary King; Mary Ostermeyer; Pat Keffer; Otto Zinser; David & Martha Herting; Penny Van Hooser; Janet Ecklund; John Stafford; Kay Scheurer; John Paul Neas; Irene Ackley; Phoebe Sand; Jennifer Stafford; Wendi Garrison; Lori Markstrom.


FAMILY MEMBERS AND FRIENDS: Kert Stokes; Emma Herrod; Tammy Crawford; Bob Fetterolf; Geoffrey Abel, Beth Abel’s son; mother of Ellen Guigelaar; Trisha Domako, Bill Brook’s daughter; Cherry Smith; Howard Parsons; Eddie Jones; Judie Perdue; Rose White; Thad Efird; Shirley Harris; Beverly Van Riel; Shannon Arias; Joyce Sweeney; Debbie Garrison; Jeremy Downes; Doug Davidson; Gus Johnson; Steve Baline; Brad Whitson; Graham Hurter; Carey Outen; Josh & Alice Nunn; Bruce & Betsy Shine; Mark Mullinex; Robin Barnett; Eve Hargrave; Mark Singleton; Betty Essmann; Marsha Millhorn; Beth Neas; Al Rudolph; Rev. Jim Simpson; Richard Williams; Mable Randolph; Abi Amato.

 Military Service: Members

Chance Johnson (Army); Nick Harris (Air Force).

Military Service: Friends and Family

Andrew Acuna (Army); Nick Hodge (Air Force); Chase Estep (Marines); David Guck (Marines);  Cade Hall.