We are a liturgical people. Liturgy incorporates words, songs, and gestures that are used by Christians to identify themselves and each other. We invite you to join with us in this joyful celebration of God’s love as we worship together today!

Worshiping at OSLC

OSLC’s services offer two distinct expressions of Lutheran worship, each solidly grounded in Lutheran preaching and theology. The Traditional Service is at 9:00 a.m. each Sunday, in the Nave. The Heartsong Service is at 11:15 a.m. each Sunday, in the Fellowship Hall. Each service features a sermon by Senior Pastor Jim Nipper, or by Associate Pastor Ed Myers.

The Heartsong Service

OSLC’s 11:15 a.m. Heartsong Service is a Holy Communion service, alive with the joy of worshipful praise. OSLC’s Heartsong Band, an Americana-style praise band led by renowned musician Tony Mowell, leads the congregation in singing worship songs and hymns.

The Americana style of music is defined as roots-based, often with an emphasis on acoustic instruments, and with stylistic elements taken from folk, early country, bluegrass, gospel, and other genres. Pivotal events in its origins occurred near-by, in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. It’s proven to be an effective style in Heartsong, both for modern worship songs and for older hymns.

Bible Readings

For the Heartsong Service, the lessons and Gospel are from the Common English Bible.

The Holy Sacrament

The Holy Sacrament is the true Body and Blood of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in, with, through, and under the bread and wine, given and shed for us sinners to eat and drink for the forgiveness of sins.

All those who believe Christ died for our sins, and all those who are baptized, are welcomed at the Lord’s Table in this congregation.

A record will be sent to the visitor’s congregation if such is indicated in the Friendship Register.

Children are invited to come forward with their parents for a blessing from the pastor.

Communion Instructions

At the Heartsong Service, communion is by intinction. White grape juice is provided for those who desire it.

Sunday School

Conveniently slotted between the worship services, OSLC’s 10:15 a.m. Sunday School provides Christian Education opportunities for those of all ages, from young children to those no longer so young. Sunday School does not meet in the summer, but resumes each September.


In addition to the parking spaces in front of the church, parking is available behind the church, and in the parking lots of the banks on either side of the church.


A nursery is provided, and all are welcome.