Please read carefully!

(1) If you are planning to attend any of the worships during Phase One, we must know the exact number by Wednesday before the Sunday you are attending.

(2) It appears we can have around 35 people safely in worship. The first 35 who register either via e-mail or by calling the office will be the ones in worship. Once a worship service reaches capacity, we can not allow anyone else into that worship. If you can not get in the early service, for example, and there are spaces open at the later service, you could register there.

(3) If we get to more than 70 people total, we will have to have a third service.

(4) This is the way Phase One of the reopening of OSLC will have to go. We do not know how many weeks we will be in the fellowship hall before we can return to the nave (which will allow more people per service). We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Here are the Phase One Guidelines:

A. Everyone should try to arrive as close to the time of the service you registered for. Enter and find a seat that allows you to keep a 6 foot distance from others.

B. We will not be able to physically greet one an other (handshakes, hugs, passing of the peace, etc.)

C. We must wear masks during the worship. If you did not bring a mask with you, we have masks that you can pick up and use 2 (and keep).

D. There are plastic gloves available if you feel you need them. Hand sanitizer is available all around the fellowship hall.

E. The only parts of the church that are open on Sundays will be the fellowship hall and the bathrooms. The nursery, kitchen, and office areas are closed.

F. There will be no childcare (nursery) available during Phase One. Children will have to come into the worship with their parents.

G. There is no singing during Phase One. There will be musical arrangements offered during the worship in the place of sung songs and hymns.

H. Special instructions will be offered during the announcement time for explanation for Holy Communion. You will pick up a pre-packaged bread and grape juice as you enter the worship. The pastor will instruct you on how and when to receive the elements during worship.

I. At the end of worship. We will leave the hall by rows, beginning with the very back row, working forward. We will go immediately to our cars and depart.

J. Offering plates are in the back of the fellowship hall to receive everyone’s offerings.

Special Needs

1. We need anyone who has been trained to work the PowerPoint for worships to volunteer to help us out. There are two computers being used: one runs the live-streaming, and the other runs the power point.

2. We need at least one usher at each service simply to guide people to the tables where the communion elements are placed, as well as the table with masks and gloves if some one was in need of them. (These tables are located in the hallway before you enter the fellowship hall.)

3. We need people who can be present between services to help us clean the chairs, tables, etc. for the next service.

Please call the church office to volunteer for each Sunday.

Important note:

If you aren’t feeling well on the Sunday you have registered, please do not come to worship!

Remember, to register with the church if you want to attend a certain Sunday. Remember, too, to signify the hour of service you wish to attend. Please be patient if we have to make adjustments to worship times and the number of worships based on the numbers of sign ups/registrations.

Can’t wait to see you!

Your friend in Christ,

Pastor Jim Nipper