“…to activate Youth in the celebration of their faith through learning, prayer, service and fellowship with their peers.”

Sunday School at OSLC

SundaySchoolOSLC offers several Sunday morning learning opportunities for young and old alike. Our adults enjoy a Sunday School class that is in session from the end of August to the end of May each year. We offer a Women’s Sunday School class during the Sunday School hour during our Sunday School year. The junior high and senior high students meet weekly, with adult members of our church leading discussions and Bible studies throughout the Sunday School year.

We have adopted a new format for our elementary school-aged students beginning at four years old through the fifth grade. The Sunday School year is divided into several three-week segments focusing on one lesson. The teacher has the flexibility to use crafts, drama, food, Bibles and their imagination to teach the lessons. This past spring, we taught the miracles of Jesus. Each teacher was given a three-Sunday segment to teach their assigned “Miracle.” We enjoyed the success of the new format, and we found that the children retained our lessons well.

We are currently using a multi-age approach to teaching. The older children assist with the younger children and are able to reinforce the lesson through their interpretation of the teacher’s lesson. It invites many adults to become teachers, as the time obligation for the lesson is only a three-week segment. We look forward to involving more members of our congregation to share their experiences and teaching with our young people.

Safe Sanctuary Policy

OSLC has adopted a Safe Sanctuary policy that will be proactive in keeping our young people safe. Background checks, awareness in services, maintenance of a safe environment, and following our policy mandates will give our parents and students a secure atmosphere for their many and varied experiences at OSLC.

Lutheran Youth Organization

The primary responsibility of the Lutheran Youth Organization is to activate Youth in the celebration of their faith through learning, prayer, service and fellowship with their peers. In order to achieve the objectives of this committee, focus should be on, but not limited to, the following duties and activities:

— Work with appropriate staff member(s) to ensure that adequate opportunities are offered to the youth for spiritual development, leadership training, service and fellowship.

— Recruit, organize and assist the advisers for the youth organizations(s).

— Oversee the timely selection of youth delegates to assemblies, seminars, and other meetings.

— Oversee and assist with Lutheran Youth Organization (LYO) sponsored events.

— Oversee the organization of Youth Sunday to be held at least annually.

— Assist in organizing events such as All Tennessee, the National Youth Gathering, Affirm, TEC, WOW, and other youth focused events that occur within our conference, synod, or the ELCA.

ETSU Lutheran Student Movement


The chapter of Lutheran Student Movement at ETSU meets in room #2 on the 3rd floor of the Culp Center at ETSU on Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. All students are welcome.

Our Saviour Lutheran Church is the sponsor congregation for this on-campus ministry.

About the Lutheran Student Movement

Lutheran Student Movement is a student led, Christ driven organization active at the local, regional, and national level created to promote the active participation of students in the life and mission of the Lutheran Church on their campuses, in their communities, and as individuals.

The Lutheran Student Association of America (LSAA, formed in 1922) and many students previously involved with Gamma Delta (formed in 1928 and sponsored by the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod) came together in 1969 to create LSM-USA.

The annual national gathering is held over the New Year’s Holiday in different cities across the country. It’s a time of fun, spiritual development, and discernment.

Internationally LSM-USA has been an associated movement of the World Student Christian Federation since 1922. LSM-USA is diverse in its membership and in the styles of organization that make up the movement on campuses around the country. Joined together in faith, those who make up the movement seek to more clearly understand and advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the exploration of social and spiritual concerns.