From Dave Soike, Council President

Dear members and friends of OSLC:

Here is the agenda for our Annual Meeting on December 11th.

Agenda for Annual Meeting, December 11th following the 10AM Service:

1) Establishment of a Quorum

2) Call to Order

3) Opening Prayer

4) Election of members to fill Council positions for 2023

5) Approval of 2023 Budget

6) Update from Call Committee

7) Other Business from the floor

8) Adjourn

We have four open positions for the Church Council in 2023. Travis Pennell has volunteered to serve as Vice President, Susan Reaves has volunteered to serve as Secretary, and Bev Gugliota has volunteered to serve as the “Witness” representative on the Council. The “Worship” representative is still unfilled as of this moment.

All voting members are encouraged to attend and participate in the annual meeting!

Peace to all,

Dave Soike, Council President