“To provide church members of all ages with learning opportunities to study and to broaden their knowledge and faith in the Triune God resulting in a strong commitment to our church and to each other.”

Sunday School at OSLC

OSLC offers several Sunday morning learning opportunities for young and old alike. Our adults enjoy a Sunday School class that is in session from the end of August to the end of May each year. We offer a Women’s Sunday School class during the Sunday School hour during our Sunday School year. The junior high and senior high students meet weekly, with adult members of our church leading discussions and Bible studies throughout the Sunday School year.

We have adopted a new format for our elementary school-aged students beginning at four years old through the fifth grade. The Sunday School year is divided into several three-week segments focusing on one lesson. The teacher has the flexibility to use crafts, drama, food, Bibles and their imagination to teach the lessons. This past spring, we taught the miracles of Jesus. Each teacher was given a three-Sunday segment to teach their assigned “Miracle.” We enjoyed the success of the new format, and we found that the children retained our lessons well.

We are currently using a multi-age approach to teaching. The older children assist with the younger children and are able to reinforce the lesson through their interpretation of the teacher’s lesson. It invites many adults to become teachers, as the time obligation for the lesson is only a three-week segment. We look forward to involving more members of our congregation to share their experiences and teaching with our young people.

OSLC has adopted a Safe Sanctuary policy that will be proactive in keeping our young people safe. Background checks, awareness in services, maintenance of a safe environment, and following our policy mandates will give our parents and students a secure atmosphere for their many and varied experiences at OSLC.


Cheryl Milliken is the Christian Education Council Representative.

Christian Education Committee

Focus should be on, but not limited to, the following duties and activities:

— Organize and monitor Catechetical and First Communion training

— Organize and monitor Vacation Bible School

— Promote and monitor a viable Sunday School program,

— Utilize congregation and synodical resources to conduct periodic activities that promote interest in full-time Christian vocations within the church.

— Organize and monitor group experiences that promote an examination of the spiritual life.

— Appoint and supervise officers and teachers necessary to accomplish the above.

— Work with the pastor(s) and associate(s) in committee in providing Bible studies and other activities committed to family unity.

— Organize and oversee the children’s Christmas Program and birthday party for Jesus.

— Assist in planning for the installation of teachers and for Rally Sunday.

— Appoint a librarian or library committee to oversee the upkeep, purchase, checkouts, and inventory of books, audio visual materials, and all materials to be housed in the church’s library.