“Make worship meaningful and glorify God.”


Patti Hembre is the Worship & Music Council Representative.

Worship and Music Committee

In order to achieve the objectives of this committee, focus should be on, but not limited to, the following duties and activities:

— Encourage faithful and regular participation by the whole congregation in the worship services of the church.

— Plan each weekly and special worship service in a way to be most advantageous to all members. Recommend starting times and dates in consultation with the pastor(s) for approval by the Congregation Council.

— Provide spiritual leadership on those occasions when the pastor(s) is absent.

— Select the hymns and music for each service, as required, in consultation with the pastor(s), organist(s), and/or choir director(s).

— Arrange for choir director(s), choir(s), and organist.

— Arrange for cantors when needed.

— Encourage the development of musical talent within the congregation, both vocal and instrumental.

— Supervise, train, and schedule acolytes, crucifers, banner bearers, lectors, ushers, and other assistants as needed for worship services.

— Arrange for adorning the church in preparation for Advent, Christmas and Lent and oversee the activities of the Altar Guild, e.g., a) Arrange for care of paraments, linens, vestments, and communion robes; b) Set up and clean communion vessels; c) Prepare for baptisms; d) Arrange for a flower sign-up chart and provide for reminders to those responsible for each service or event.

— Order bulletins, inserts, and other worship supplies on a timely basis.

— Oversee the scheduling and training of nursery volunteers and handle other needs of the nursery.